Flower pressing and your favourite recipes

Stuff to do for Tuesday, 26th January 2021

Five things for you to do today – and here they are… 

1. Listen to Sean and Robot’s Comedy Circuit

The first is the final episode of Sean and Robot’s Comedy Circuit. It’s the end of Season One and we want to know what your favourite moment of all time has been. 

MOBILE: Sean and Robot's Comedy Circuit

Find out what Sean and Robot get up to when they're not on Fun Kids!

2. Check out Hallux’s Heartbeat!

Your second thing is to watch another episode of Hallux’s Heartbeat.

Do that and tell us the coolest thing you’ve learned from it.

3. Try flower pressing

Your third thing is to try flower pressing! 

Grab some card, some heavy books or weights and pick a pretty flower.

At this time of year, you can find snowdrops and if you’re really lucky and it’s warm where you are, daffodils. 

Then, you press the flower between two layers of card with lots of heavy stuff on top.

After a week or so, it’ll be dehydrated and you can take a look at it! 

4. Check out some Fun Kids Top 10s

Four and we’re asking you to check out some Fun Kids Top Tens! 

Tell us which one your favourite is.

5. What’s your favourite food?

And speaking of favourites, what’s your favourite food? We want to know that too and we might feature some of your favourite recipes in a future Activity Quest Daily challenge. 

Tell us what you like to cook below!

So, that’s…

  1. Listen to the last episode of Sean and Robot’s Comedy Circuit 
  2. Check out Hallux’s Heartbeat on the Fun Kids website 
  3. Try pressing some flowers 
  4. Check out our Top Ten articles on the Fun Kids website and let us know your favourite 
  5. And then let us know your favourite food – we might feature your recipes in a future episode 

Tell us what you get up to here!

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