Fun Kids Animals and writing in code

Your daily tasks for Wednesday, 21st January 2021

Happy Thursday everyone!

Let’s see what 5 new activities we have for you today.

1. Listen to Story Quest

This is our story telling podcast and every week we have a brand new episode for you to listen to.

Each week you never know what sort of story you’re going to get!

We want you to listen to an episode and try to sum up the story in just 5 words.

Take a listen to one here…

Tell us your summary in the form below.

2. Find out what balloons used to be made from

Have you ever wondered how balloons are made?

Sidney McSprocket is telling us all about it in this episode of How It’s Made…

We want you to give it a watch and tell us what balloons used to be made of 100 years ago.

Here’s a clue – it’s quite disgusting!

3. Go on a jungle adventure

We have a brand new radio station called Fun Kids Animals!

It’s stuffed with songs all about animals.

We want you to give it a listen and pretend you’re going on a jungle adventure.

Maybe you’re a monkey looking for a bunch of Bananas or Tarzan swinging through the trees on vines. Whatever you want!

Click here to give it a listen…

4. Make a secret code

Have you ever wanted to send a message to your friend that only you and them can understand?

Then let’s get cracking on a secret code!

Secret codes have been used loads in the past, they used to use them all the time during World War II so that the enemy couldn’t understand what orders you were giving to your troops.

You can do anything for your secret code, but here’s a couple of ideas on how to make one if you’re stuck…

Book code

Embed from Getty Images

These are codes in which the key to cracking the code is a book that only you and the person you want to crack the code know.

  1. First you need to pick the book (make sure you and the person you want to send the message to both have the book).
  2. Think about what you want your message to say. You could even write the whole thing out normally first to make it easier. Just make sure you throw that one away if you don’t want anyone to understand it.
  3. Get your book and find the first word you want to say in your message. Instead of writing that word write the page number, line number and how many words in on that line it is. So each word is represented by 3 numbers instead of the actual word.
  4. Do this for every word in your message and no one will be able to crack your code but you and your friend!

First letter code

This is a good one as it looks like normal words, so at first glance the note wont even look suspicious!

The rule with this one is that you don’t actually read the words, instead you just look at the first letter of each word and that tells you the real message.

For example, if you wanted to write the word ‘Hello‘ you would instead write something like ‘Help everyone lose legs over’

5. Design a brand new robot

Robot from the Breakfast show has a load of Robot friends that are always getting involved with him and Sean during their podcast.

You can hear a load of them dropping by in almost any episode of Sean & Robot’s Comedy Circuit…

We want you to get out your pens and paper and design a brand new robot to join Robot’s gang!

They could be absolutely anything so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Once you’ve designed your robot just remember to show us using the form at the bottom of the page.

So, that’s… 

  1. Listen to Story Quest 
  2. Find out what balloons used to be made from
  3. Go on a jungle adventure 
  4. Make a secret code
  5. Design a brand new robot

Remember, to submit your answers and you could be on Fun Kids today at 6pm and in the Activity Quest podcast tomorrow. 

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