Going to Mars and designing bedrooms

Your daily tasks for Monday, 8th February 2021

It’s a brand new week and here are five things we’re asking you to do today as part of Activity Quest Daily.

1. Listen to the Fun Kids Science Weekly

It’s Monday which means that there was a brand new episode of the Fun Kids Science Weekly podcast over the weekend.

Every week Dan answers some of your biggest science questions and talks to scientists doing amazing things.

Have a listen to the latest episode and tell us who Dan is chatting to in it by filling out the boxes at the bottom of the page.

MOBILE: Fun Kids Science Weekly

The science podcast for kids with Dan exploring the weirdest and coolest stuff in science!

2. Watch this episode of Deep Space High

Deep Space high is a school in space and they learn about loads of amazing things to do with space there!

In this series the class are learning all about the famous red planet… Mars!

Watch this episode all about Mars and tell us the coolest thing you learnt from it in the form at the bottom of this page.

3. Go for a walk

You’re allowed to go for a walk so why not go and do that!

Walking as a great way to stay fit and it can actually make you feel happier.

A great game to play while you’re walking is to pick something, like flowers or lampposts or something like that, and count them as you go.

Whoever can spot the most wins!

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4. Design your dream bedroom

We all have a dream bedroom that we’d love to have. Have a go at designing yours!

You could draw it on paper or you could rip things you like out of magazines and catalogues and create a collage of all your favourite things that would make an amazing bedroom!

Just make sure you show us what you make!

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5. Go on a virtual trip

First you need to pick somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Maybe it’s Paris or Australia or Japan? It can be anywhere you want.

Then go onto google maps street view and explore the place!

You can wander around the streets and explore the area even if you’re stuck in your house.

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So, that’s… 

  1. Listen to the Fun Kids Science Weekly
  2. Watch today’s episode of Deep Space High
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Design your dream bedroom
  5. Go on a virtual trip

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