Inside an Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Activity Quest

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Activity Quest is the podcast packed with stuff to do. In every episode, we visit somewhere awesome and find out more about it.

This week, have you ever wondered how a parcel gets from your basket to your doorstep?

Adam’s visiting one of Amazon’s most advanced fulfilment centres โ€“ Swindon BRS2 โ€“ to find out how packages get from their warehouse to your door.

And the best bit is that you can visit too… 

What are Amazon Tours?

Amazon offers free public warehouse tours at select locations across the world.

You can go on a walk through a fulfilment centre as they introduce the people, technology, and processes that help prepare each customer order.

You can even take part in these tours remotely too.

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Where are Amazon Tours?

In the UK, you can go on a tour at the following locations:

  • Dartford, England (LCY3)
  • Derbyshire, England (EMA1)
  • Dunstable, England (LTN4)
  • Gateshead, England (NCL1)
  • Swindon, England (BRS2)

You can also go on a virtual tour or a video tour too!

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How much are these tours?

All tours are free of charge but pre-booking is essential.

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