Inventing our own worlds in Activity Quest

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We’ve had a crazy week here on Activity Quest Daily and we’re not about to stop now!

Here are five things to put your mind to today…

First up, listen to Story Quest. 

It’s a podcast packed with brand new original stories. 

Find it at or wherever you’re listening to the Activity Quest podcast and tap subscribe! 

MOBILE: Story Quest - Stories for Kids

Stories for kids and families, perfect for all ages! New episodes every week.

Second, Nancy and The Meerkats! Have you been watching episodes of this this week?

It’s the show all about what we can and can’t do with things we find online, like music or videos or photos… 

Okay, so far in Activity Quest this week we’ve made imaginary parades, invented monuments, even created a country! 

Your third thing today is to make up history. 

Winston Churchil once said that ‘History will be kind to me for I intend to write it’ and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. 

Make up history. Re-write an event or make up something new. 

You could start with a timeline of events 

Four, and if you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re making an imaginary world together. 

What kind of things does your world have in it? You can use the building we re-desined from the other day, the parade, the monument we made yesterday… 

What else does your world have? What flowers or plants? 

Finally, it’s time to fake some photos. 

This might be the trickiest thing we’ve given you on Activity Quest so far so bonus points if you manage to do it!

Can you make it look like you’re sending us a photo from your imaginary world?

So –––

  1. Listen to Story Quest
  2. Watch Nancy and The Meerkats 
  3. Re-write history or make up an event 
  4. Tell us what your imaginary world we’ve been building has in it 
  5. Fake a photo from that imaginary world 
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