Learn a language and go birdwatching with Activity Quest Daily!

Here's some stuff for you to do this Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everybody – here’s five things for you to do today. Remember to tell us how you get on below!

Listen to Fun Kids Meets

First up, have you checked out Fun Kids Meets yet?

It’s a podcast where we meet some super cool stars and chat through what they’ve been up to.

It’s presented by Sean.

Your question today is who’s he talking to?

Find Fun Kids Meets by searching for it in your podcast app or by tapping the links below.

MOBILE: Fun Kids Meets

Hear the latest celebrity interviews from Fun Kids Radio in this podcast.

Head to Mars!

Our second thing is always something you can learn about and this week we’re sharing episodes of Deep Space High

Watch the video and tell us the coolest thing you’ve learned. 

Learn a language

Third, remember we went on a tour of foreign countries yesterday? 

Today, why not start to learn a language to prepare for that next trip. Duolingo is a free app that you could try!

Go twitching (that means birdwatching)

Four, did you know that the RSPB do a bird survey every year? 

It’s called the RSPB Bird watch –– why not try a spot of bird spotting?

Whatever you see, you can tell them. Whatever you spot, you have until the 19th to tell them 

Click here to join the Big Garden Bird Watch

Talk back to us!

Finally, your phone has a really good microphone. Download the free Fun Kids mobile app at funkidslive.com/app and then send us a voice message. Tell us what you’re doing today.

You could be on-air at 6pm. 

Click here to download the Fun Kids app!

So, to recap…

  1. Listen to Fun Kids Meets with Sean and tell me who features in it 
  2. Tell me the coolest thing you’ve learned from Deep Space High 
  3. Learn a language with an app 
  4. Do some birdwatching with the RSPB’s annual survey 
  5. Download the Fun Kids mobile app and send us a message!
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