Origami and Scavenger Hunts

Stuff to do for Friday, 29th January 2021

Happy Friday!

nearly time for the weekend, but not before we give you your 5 activities for today!

1. Listen to The Week Junior Show Podcast

The Week Junior Show Podcast is all about everything that’s happening in the world right now but it’s made just for kids!

Every episode is packed with laughs and all the most interesting news stories from the week.

We want you to give the latest episode a listen and tell us the silliest news story from the episode!

You can listen here…

MOBILE: The Week Junior Show

Helping you make sense of the world

Once you’ve had a listen tell us the silliest story in the form below.

2. Find out about healthy living

We want you to watch today’s episode of Professor Hallux’s Heart Beat all about living healthy!

Watch the video and see if you can find out how much of the food you eat each day should be fruits and vegetables!

Once you know tell us the answer in the form below.

3. Do some origami

Origami is basically just folding paper to look like something else.

You can make loads of different things using origami like frogs, cats and boats!

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There are LOADS of different things you can make with origami, so why not grab a parent to help you search for something you want to make online and give it a go!

Remember to show us what you made at the bottom of this page.

4. Find 10 things in your house that begin with C

This activity is a bit of a scavenger hunt!

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We want you to try and find 10 things in your house that begin with the letter C.

It might sound easy, but can actually be pretty tricky.

Let us know how you do at the bottom of the page.

5. Plan your weekend!

You’ve been working hard all week, so we want you to plan a fun weekend for yourself!

Maybe you’ll have a movie night or maybe you’ll play football in the garden?

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Whatever you decide, let us know!

So let’s recap the 5 activities for today…

  1. Listen to The Week Junior Show Podcast
  2. Watch today’s episode of Professor Hallux’s Heartbeat
  3. Do some origami
  4. Find 10 things in your house that begin with C
  5. Plan your weekend!
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