Playing drums and making TV pilots

We've got 5 more activities for you today...

Let’s see what 5 things we have for you to do today!

1. Listen to today’s Story Quest

Story Quest is our story podcast.

Every week we bring you a brand new story to listen to and this week’s is all about a cake, so what’s not to love?

Give it a listen right here…

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Stories for kids and families, perfect for all ages! New episodes every week.

2. Try to beat Conor’s World Record

Did you know Conor has a world record?

He hold the record for identifying the most football teams in 60 seconds from just from their badges.

You can see him doing the challenge here…

Grab a parent or sibling and see if you can beat Conor!

3. Play the logo game!

Logo’s are everywhere, companies, restaurants and football teams all have them!

But how well do you know your logos?

Well let’s put you to the test!

Click here to play the logo game…

Basically we’ll show you a load of different logos and you need to know what they’re the logo for.

Let us know how you do!

4. Make your own musical instruments

Did you know you can make musical instruments out of almost anything!?

So if you have the urge to play along with all the songs playing on Fun Kids… you can!

Click here to see our guide on making your own musical instruments…

5. Write your own TV pilot

Embed from Getty Images

What’s your favourite TV show? Well, that show would have had a pilot. 

A pilot is just the first ever episode of that show.

We want you to come up with an idea for your very own show and write the first episode!

Let your imagination go wild! You’ll be surprised at all the ideas you have for it.


  1. Listen to today’s Story Quest
  2. Try to beat Conor’s World Record
  3. Play the logo game
  4. Make your own musical instruments 
  5. Write your own TV pilot
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