Searching for and making monuments

Find out your tasks for the day below!

It’s the middle of the week and here are five things to put your mind to today!

First up, Wednesdays mean new episodes of Book Worms.

That’s Bex’s podcast. 

You can find Fun Kids Book Worms wherever you get your podcasts – just search “Fun Kids Book Worms” 

Your mission today is to tap subscribe. Subscribe to Fun Kids Book Worms so you never miss a single episode! 

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The book podcast for kids with Bex and all of your favourite authors!

Second, our crime fighting band Nancy and The Meerkats are back.

We’re learning all about what we can and can’t do with stuff that we find online.

Tell us the coolest thing you learn.

Third, ever wanted to be someone else?

You can! 

Write an imaginary bio. Make things up – pretend everything you’re writing has happened. 

Maybe you landed on Mars or perhaps you have top marks from the biggest schools in the world. 

4th and if you go on a walk today, can you spot any monuments near you?

We build monuments all the time to people and events, things like Winston Churchill or to remember people who have died in war. 

Can you find any on your walk? They might be really small, like a plaque on a wall or big, like a tall pillar in the middle of a city. 

Fifth, when you’re home, let’s make our own monument! 

It should be based on something that’s important to you, like an event or a person. 

Draw it – you could even build it out of cardboard – and then send us a picture below!


  1. Check out my podcast, Fun Kids Book Worms 
  2. Watch Nancy and The Meerkats 
  3. Invent your own history – write a new bio and pretend everything happened 
  4. Go on a walk and see if you can spot any monuments near you 
  5. When you get home, invent your own monument to something important to you 
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