Sharing our Activity Quest creations

Find out your top tasks below!

We’ve been making imaginary worlds all week on Activity Quest and today’s the time to put them all together and share them with us!

Okay – five things to do today. 

First up, listen to The Week Junior Show. 

It’s a podcast all about what’s happening in the world. 

Find it at or wherever you’re listening to the Activity Quest podcast and tap subscribe! 

Second, we’re paying a visit to Nancy and The Meerkats for the final time this week. 

It’s the show all about what we can and can’t do with things we find online, like music or videos or photos… 

Tell us the coolest thing you’ve found out below.

Third – remember, we’ve been building imaginary world in Activity Quest. 

So far, we’ve… 

  • Invented a country 
  • Make some rules for it 
  • Made a flag 
  • Redesigned some buildings 
  • Made a parade 
  • Created some new words 
  • Decided what else might be in our world 
  • Designed a monument 
  • And invented history!

It’s time to put all of that together. If you haven’t done this or if you’re still finishing bits up, that’s okay – now is your time to do it! 

In at 4, let’s create a big folder with all of these things in.

You can design a folder you have or use paper and pens to create a wallet you can put everything in.

Maybe put your country name on the front. 

And finally, share it. Tell someone about your imaginary world and invite them to join you! 

It could be us. Use the form below!


  1. Listen to the Week Junior Show and find out what’s happening in this world
  2. Watch Nancy and The Meerkats 
  3. Finish up any remaining Activity Quest tasks this week and then…
  4. … put them into a big folder all about your imaginary world. 
  5. Share that world with other people and with us at below!
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