Silly songs, dance parties and what happened to Queen Anne Boleyn?

Your daily tasks for Tuesday, 12th January 2021

Looking for something to do today? See if you can complete all 5 things of the Activity Quest Daily!

Make sure you try and complete them all today though – we’ll have a brand new list tomorrow…

1. Listen to Sean and Robot’s Comedy Circuit podcast

The first thing to do today is to listen to Sean and Robot’s Comedy Circuit.  

If you love the breakfast show with Sean and Robot, this is the podcast for you. Every episode ends with a little song –– but we want to know… what’s this week’s song called?

MOBILE: Sean and Robot's Comedy Circuit

Find out what Sean and Robot get up to when they're not on Fun Kids!

2. How did Anne Boleyn meet her end at the Tower of London?

Question two is to do with our Locked Up in the Tower of London series again… 

One of the most famous prisoners of the Tower of London was Anne Boleyn – a Queen!

We want to know… what happened to her? It’s a little grizzly, but we won’t give too much away.

3. Have a dance party (perhaps whilst listening to Fun Kids Party!)

The third thing we’re giving you to do today is something that you can do no matter where you are and it’s to hold an impromptu dance party! 

If you’ve got a smart speaker ask it to play Fun Kids and boogie along to some music.

You might put a light show on the TV using YouTube or you could get super creative and make some bunting by folding squares of coloured card around some string and sticking it up. 

Have a 60 second boogie and tell us how you got on below.

4. What’s one thing you wish you could learn?

Yesterday we asked you what one thing you learned. Today, we want to know what one thing do you wish you could learn about? 

Think carefully about this one – it could be ‘I wish I knew how many miles it is to the moon!’ or ‘I wish I knew how many trees there are in the world’ 

5. Learn it!

The final thing on our list today is to find it out! 

The answer, by the way, it’s 238,855 miles to the moon and there are over 3 trillion trees on Earth

See how easy that was? 

Tell us how you did here!

We’ll be taking some of your answers and giving you shout-outs on-air and in the Activity Quest podcast.

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