Watch Shaun The Sheep online and tell us cheesy jokes!

Your daily tasks for Thursday, 14th January 2021

Looking for something to do today? See if you can complete all 5 things of the Activity Quest Daily!

Make sure you try and complete them all today though – we’ll have a brand new list tomorrow…

1. Listen to Story Quest

The first thing is to listen to today’s episode of the Story Quest podcast…

Every Thursday we bring you a brand new story for you to download and listen to. All the stories have a theme or a message that we can learn from!

Today we want you to have a listen and tell us what you learnt from the story below.

2. How did Rudolf Hess get caught?

Next up we want you to find out a little bit about Rudolf Hess. 

He was held prisoner at The Tower of London during the Second World War. We want you to find out how he got caught and brought to the tower.

3. Make an assault course in your house

We’ve learnt quite a lot so far, I think it’s time for a break. 

I want you to have a go at making an assault course in your house! Just make sure you ask your parents first.

I like to make mine by attaching string from one side of the hall to another lots of times so it looks like security lasers and then try and get from one end to the other!

4. Tell us a joke!

Next on the list is to tell a joke! We all know at least one great joke and I want to hear yours!

So think up your best chuckler and submit it below.

5. Watch Shaun The Sheep: The Movie

Finally, let’s talk about films!

I want you to tell us what the film ‘Shaun the Sheep: the Movie’ is about!

Or, if you and the family want a film night, it’s available to watch for free at the moment on BBC iPlayer!

Click here to watch it on BBC iPlayer

So, let’s recap the 5 things for today:

  1. Listen to today’s episode Story Quest 
  2. Watch our video about Rudolf Hess 
  3. Make an assault course in your house
  4. Tell us your best joke
  5. Find out what Shaun the Sheep: The Movie is all about (and watch it if you fancy)

Tell us how you did here!

We’ll be taking some of your answers and giving you shout-outs on-air and in the Activity Quest podcast.

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