Writing a diary and watching international movies

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Another day, another set of Activity Quest Daily tasks…

1. Listen to Fun Kids Book Worms

The very first thing, if you haven’t yet done it, is to listen to the latest episode of Bex’s podcast, Book Worms. 

In it, Radzi from Blue Peter and Sam Copeland talk about their new books. 

MOBILE: Fun Kids Book Worms

The book podcast for kids with Bex and all of your favourite authors!

2. Watch this episode of Jobs from The Past

The second thing is to watch another episode of our video series, Jobs from The Past. 

Today, we’re finding out about gruesome jobs kids your age did in Victorian britain. 

3. Write a diary

In at number three, it’s to write a diary! 

You’ll probably find plenty to write about: sport, school, books, TV, even Fun Kids. Just grab a notebook and get writing. 

Diaries are usually secret so we won’t ask you what you write about but if you want to, the form below is the place to share.

4. Giraffes. Find some.

Four and we’re getting a little adventurous. Find some giraffes. 

If you’re in London you can go to Regent’s Park and stop opposite the entrance to London zoo, where the giraffe enclosure is clear to see from the road. 

Sometimes, the giraffes will parade; other times, they throw shapes from their windows. 

Zoos are closed at the moment but you might be able to get a peek at animals anyway – find a giraffe enclosure near you – or a substitute on YouTube.

5. Watch a movie

Finally, watch a movie from a different country.

Just like zoos, cinemas are also closed but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a flick! 

Find a movie from a different country on Netflix or Disney+ and watch it. 

You could try Denmark or India, Australia or France.

To recap:

  1. Check out my podcast, Fun Kids Book Worms
  2. Watch an episode of Jobs From The Past 
  3. Write a diary 
  4. See some animals where you are – just remember to stay safe as you do it 
  5. Watch a movie from a different country
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