9th December: Check out The Last Pokemon Master this Christmas!

Day 9 of the advent calendar is here to help you catch 'em all!


It’s time for more from our Advent Calendar on Fun Kids! As you know, Dan’s opened an Advent shop – giving out presents, advice and top Christmas tips to Fun Kids presenters.

Today, he’s suggesting a Pokémon book for Sean.

Press play above to have a listen!

Ever dream of becoming a Pokémon Master?

unnamed-625x892This exciting adventure based on Pokémon Go can make that dream an absolute reality.

Anyone can be a virtual Pokémon Master with a smart phone and the new Pokémon GO app, but what happens when Lucas, a ten-year-old Pokémon super fan, starts to see his characters beyond the screen of his phone—in real life?

In this exciting chapter book readers will follow a trio of best friends as they enter the ultimate Pokémon fantasy, or dare we say nightmare.

Will Lucas and friends be able to battle and catch the Pokémon-on-the-loose before their entire city, or even worse, the entire planet is destroyed? 

The Last Pokemon Master is out now! Click here to pick up your copy!

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