All about Heritage Engineering in the latest episode of Undercover Engineering!

We’re diving into the fascinating world of Heritage Engineering on the latest episode of Undercover Engineers. It’s like a journey back in time, exploring and preserving cool things from the past.

Heritage engineering is all about protecting special stuff, like old buildings, vintage cars, steam engines, and more. Imagine your favorite toy getting a bit old, but instead of tossing it, someone comes along and fixes it, making sure it stays awesome for years to come. That’s the magic of heritage engineering!

We talked to Will Stratford, a volunteer at the Watercress Line, a heritage railway in Hampshire.

He’s like a hero for giant Lego train sets, helping restore old steam locomotives and keeping them chugging along.

He even shared how he became a fireman on the footplate โ€“ it’s like taming a dragon, he says!

Heritage engineers work on massive projects, like restoring the Elizabeth Tower at Westminster (home to Big Ben) or saving the Cutty Sark from a fire.

They make sure historic places, like Hampton Court Palace and Warwick Castle, stay alive with stories from the past.

And it’s not just about fixing things โ€“ heritage engineering passes down old skills and craftsmanship, keeping traditions alive. They use techniques from the past, like building dry stone walls in the Yorkshire Dales, just like they did centuries ago.

Did you know that heritage engineering is also a sustainability super power? Instead of always making new things, it’s like recycling the past, reducing waste, and caring for our planet.

Old things have stories to tell, and heritage engineering helps us appreciate the amazing work and design from days gone by.

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