Make your own Rocket with Baking Powder and Vinegar !

Launch a homemade rocket using a reaction between Baking Powder and Vinegar

On the 21st February 2022 we sent YOUR voices to space as part of Mission Transmission.

You can listen to Mission Transmission – our radio broadcast to deep space featuring YOUR voices here.

In the spirit of Mission Transmission we thought we would make our own rocket. This rocket uses a reaction between baking powder and vinegar to blast off into the sky!

If you prefer to listen to the instructions you can hear how to make your own rocket in the Activity Quest podcast below.

Here is how to make your own rocket which actually blasts off into space using science – don’t forget you will need a responsible adult for the last step.

What you need:

  • A plastic bottle
  • Decorating materials
  • 3 straws or bamboo skewers
  • Sticky Tape
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Powder
  • A Cork
  • A paper towel, tissue or kitchen roll

Step 1

Take your plastic bottle and decorate it so it looks like a rocket. The bottle opening will be the bottom.

You could decorate with tin foil to give it a shiny space look or even add some fins, which many real rockets have, to give your rocket extra stability and help it fly straight.

Don’t forget to give your rocket a name: We called ours the Mission Transmission Voyager

Step 2

With the bottle opening facing down tape your 3 straws or bamboo skewers around the bottle so that the bottle can stand up without the bottom touching the ground. It should be able to stand up on its own.

Step 3

Turn the bottle so that the opening it at the top and pour 3 cm of vinegar into the bottle.

Step 4

Wrap 2 teaspoons of baking in a few layers of tissue or a paper towel – this is important as it means there will be time between the baking powder and vinegar touching each other which will later make a reaction.

Step 5

Choose a launch site for the rocket – make sure it is outside and that no one else is around. This works best on a hard surface.

Step 6

Get an adult to drop the baking powder parcel into the bottle and very quickly add the cork. The adult should place the rocket on it’s straws/ skewers with the bottle opening and cork facing down…..and run for cover!

You should make sure you are 5 meters away and if you have goggles you can wear them for extra protection.

Step 7


How high did your rocket go?

The science behind why the rocket takes off

The baking powder and vinegar create a reaction which is why it fizzes.

As the reaction happens a gas called carbon dioxide is released. This gas builds up because it has nowhere to go within the bottle and this creates a lot of pressure. When the pressure gets high enough it forces the cork out of the bottle in a downwards motion which then forces the rocket upwards into the air.

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