Danny Wallace & Jamie Littler plus John Boyne’s My Brother’s Name is Jessica, Julian Clary and more in the Fun Kids Book Club podcast with Bex!

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In this episode, the guys from Football School pop in to chat all about the beautiful game and our friend Danny Wallace is back to tell us all about his new book, Hamish and The Monster Patrol.

In Hamish and The Monster Patrol, things are afoot in Starkley… again!

Out in the ocean, something’s on the move. Something BIG. Something that might change everything!

While most of Starkley’s inhabitants have fled or gone into lockdown, Hamish and his pals in the PDF are coming up with a plan, because if they don’t save the world then who will?!

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If that wasn’t enough, John Boyne talks to Bex all about his new book My Brother’s Name is Jessica.

That story follows a character called Sam Waver who idolises his older brother, Jason.

Sam Waver’s life has always been pretty quiet. A bit of a loner, he struggles to make friends, and his busy parents often make him feel invisible.

Luckily for Sam, his older brother, Jason, has always been there for him.

But then one evening Jason calls his family together to tell them that he’s been struggling with a secret for a long time.

A secret which quickly threatens to tear them all apart. His parents don’t want to know and Sam simply doesn’t understand.

Because what do you do when your brother says he’s not your brother at all? That he’s actually… your sister?

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Plus, there are readings from comedian and author of The Bolds, Julian Clary.

He’s reading from his new book, The Bolds in Trouble.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough, we tell you the five books that should be on your reading list this May – check them out below.

Five Books For Your May Reading List

  1. The Secret Starling by Judith Eagle
  2. My Brothers Name is Jessica by John Boyne
  3. Taylor & Rose Secret Agents by Katherine Woodfine
  4. Theodore Boone The Accomplice by John Grisham
  5. Starfell: Willow Moss and the Lost Day by Dominique Valente

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