A ROAR-some new picture book!

Can you catch the Granny-napping dino?

From Alex English and Ben Cort, the bestselling illustrator of Alien Loves Underpants, comes an irresistibly rib-tickling book that you’ll want to read again and again … and AGAIN!

I was in my Granny’s kitchen eating extra special cake,
when the walls began to tremble and the roof began to SHAKE.
KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Ring! Ring! Ring! Oh MY – a dino’s at the door.
And now it’s taken Granny … SOMEONE STOP THAT DINOSAUR!

Get ready to chase down the GRANNY-NAPPING brontosaurus in this rollicking, rhyming, ROAR-some romp.

Can you catch the naughty dinosaur and get back to Granny’s house before Mum comes home at six o’clock?

Get your copy here!

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