Bex Reviews: Charlie Changes into a Chicken by Sam Copeland

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – "I genuinely LOL'ed at this book!"

Hey it’s Bex! I present The Club on Fun Kids, every weekday from 4pm.

I’m reviewing some of my favourite books – one of them is Charlie Changes into a Chicken by a guy called Sam Copeland.

I genuinely laughed out loud at this book at nearly every page.

It’s about Charlie, who has a tricky time at home because his brother isn’t well, and an even trickier time at school because he seems to attract the attention of the class bully.

Charlie soon develops a mysterious power to turn into various animals… the trouble is, he doesn’t know why it happens, and no one has actually witnessed it, so his friends are a little suspicious about his story.

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Charlie needs to figure out what’s causing his shape-shifting and keep it under control at school.

Sam Copeland makes you laugh by not only making the story so funny, but also adding in random letters from readers, and footnotes at the bottom of some of the pages.

It means you’re never bored, and sometimes you’ve no idea what you’ll find when you turn the page.

It’s a bit sarcastic and a bit silly – which means it has something for everyone’s sense of humour!

I even got to chat to Sam in The Club! Have a listen…

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