This Book Isn’t Safe by famous YouTuber and inventor Colin Furze is out now!

It's full of crazy experiments!

Colin Furze is a super cool inventor and engineer!

You might have seen him do crazy stunts on YouTube like setting off 5,000 fireworks, or making an ejector bed!

Well, Colin’s written a book and it’s called This Book Isn’t Safe.

The book is full of Colin’s inventions and tells you how he made his crazy things. It also features 10 crazy things you can build at home.

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The home builds aren’t super-dull things like ‘glue two toilet rolls together’, you’ll actually get hands-on (with the help of an adult!) with drills and saws…

All of the builds are things you can do regardless of where you live. You should be able to lay your hands on the materials pretty easily…

This Book Isn’t Safe¬†is out now.

Click here to get This Book Isn’t Safe!

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