Brand new book The Girl, the Ghost and the Lost Name is out now!

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Welcome to Elston-Fright, a forgotten town where witches lurk, sea monsters roam and a girl is on the hunt for answers…

With a body made of wax, seaweed for hair and polished abalone shells for eyes, Corpse is bound to haunt the Witches’ sea shack forever. She has no memory of who she was before she arrived on the rock-that-doesn’t-exist.

That is, until a ghost visits her with a message: a treasure exists that can reunite Corpse with her family and her name.

She sets off on a night-time quest for answers, bringing her trusted friend Simon, a huntsman spider, along for the ride. Corpse must battle magic, zombie-skeletons and sea monsters to find the treasure. But is it really all that it seems?

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