Brand new ‘Jack’s Secret World’ book!

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Everything changed the day Jack and his friends went to explore the old empty house covered in ivy…

There they discovered a strange girl called Blossom, who introduced them to a world of magic – talking to animals, flying like birds, and even… a doorway to another world, hidden within the ivy-covered walls of the old house.

Now the gang have gone through the doorway, looking for Blossom’s missing dad, the man who made the magic. But finding him will be just the start of the adventure, as Blossom’s dad has a mission for the gang, and they’re going to need all the magical powers they can get.

The next book in the Jackโ€™s Secret Summer series by actor and director Jack Ryder, perfect for fans of Roald Dahl and The Famous Five.

Join Jack and the Secret Summer Gang on another unforgettable adventure, full of magic and mayhem!

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