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Animals Riddle Book: 300 fun riddles and brain-teasers

The fun-filled quiz book that kids and the whole family will enjoy this Christmas.

Have fun with family and friends with this book of brain-teasing riddles that will have everyone scratching their heads!

Packed with rhyming riddles, laugh out loud jokes, tricky teasers and tons of colourful photos they are sure to keep animal fans of all ages entertained!

Can you work out the riddles below?

I’m the world’s fastest land animal. I can’t climb trees. What am I?

My fur is black and white. I spray my enemies with a very smelly liquid. What am I?

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Weird but true! 2022: Wild and wacky facts & photos!

Weird and awesome facts to fascinate curious kids this Christmas.

This massive book is loaded with all-new jaw-dropping, eye-popping, brain-bending facts and bright, bold photography!

This year it’s even bigger with four brand new fact-packed chapters.

It pairs the planet’s weirdest facts with the coolest and strangest true stories from strange rocks and baffling bridges to animal astronauts, ice marathons and awesome avocados.

Explores animals, geography, science, the environment, human achievement and lots more.

The perfect book for fans of Guinness World Records!

Whether it’s weird words, foul food, yucky creatures, or the world’s longest mazes, this 2022 children’s annual is sure to entertain!

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