Brand new ‘Top Tens’ book full of lists and facts from National Geographic Kids!

Get ready for a whole bunch of fascinating facts and staggering stats!

Bursting with 150 fun and fact-filled lists about animals, space, the world, history, technology and lots more.

  • Explore the top ten coolest caves
  • Reach new heights with the world’s tallest buildings
  • Discover the cutest critters on Planet Earth
  • Marvel at the cleverest computers ever made

With 1500 amazing facts to wow your family and friends with, it’s sure to be a top ten hit!

Here’s some amazing facts from the book about the weirdest looking creatures:

Proboscis Monkey

This large monkey lives on the island of Borneo and has a bulbous nose that can be over 10cm long.

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Marabou Stork

This wading bird is sometimes called the undertaker bird due to its sombre look.

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Star-Nosed Mole

This little creature has 22 fleshy appendages on its face. They help it sense prey at a superfast speed.

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Naked Mole Rat

The naked mole rat is the only hairless rodent. It can live longer than any other rodent – up to 32 years!

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Horseshoe Bat

The horseshoe bat gets its name from the odd organ on its face, called its nose-leaf.

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