Celebrate 20 years of Alex Rider with the new Stormbreaker release!

Find out more below!

The bestselling Alex Rider series, written by Anthony Horowitz, is celebrating 20 years with a special anniversary edition of Stormbreaker!

It has cool sprayed edges and features an exclusive chapter from Alex Rider’s thrilling new mission, Nightshade, which is out April 2020.

Stormbreaker is mission one in the series that re-invented the spy genre and introduced the character of reluctant teenage super-spy Alex Rider, forcibly recruited into M16 following his uncle’s mysterious death.

He’s armed with secret gadgets and sent on his first mission. But the teenage super-spy soon finds himself in mortal danger. His first assignment may well be his last!

The Alex Rider books are packed with action, adrenaline and adventure, and perfect for readers age 8 years+

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