Check out Diggers by Terry Pratchett!

It's the second book of the nomes!

DIGGERS REISSUE 2We’ve been checking out Diggers here at Fun Kids. It’s the second really funny adventure from the nomes books by Terry Pratchett! Click here to find out more!

The nomes are 4 inches tall, and they live hidden from sight from us! Driven out of their home in the first book, Truckers, they’re on a quest to find a new home somewhere else outside.

diggersillusThousands of tiny nomes move into the ruined buildings of an abandoned quarry. Some of the nomes have never been outside before, and soon really strange things begin to happen! The tops of puddles are growing hard and cold, and the water’s coming down from the sky in frozen bits.

Then humans appear and they really mess everything up. The quarry is to be re-opened, and the nomes must fight to defend their new home. But they will need to be able to keep the humans at bay with the help of the monster, Jekub!

Diggers is the second in the funny fantastically funny books of the nomes by Sir Terry Pratchett! Click here to find out more!

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