Check out Danger is Still Everywhere in Funny February!

The world's only Dangerologist is back with a second handbook for avoiding even bigger danger!

9780141359205_covlargeAll this month here at Fun Kids, we’ve been checking out some really funny books from Puffin. Make sure you’ve checked out Danger is Still Everywhere by David O’Doherty. Click here to find out more!

Docter Noel is the greatest (and only) Dangerologist in the world. It’s his job to teach readers all about danger and how to avoid it, from sneaky snakes posing as toothbrushes to robots disguised as friendly grandmas.

After all, DANGER IS EVERYWHERE, and he thinks we all need to be prepared!

Docter Noel is a very tricky situation. He’s trying to write a second handbook on Dangerology but a little dog called Napkin has come to stay. Now Docter Noel is hiding in a wardrobe as Napkin is wreaking havoc around the Dangerzone!

Danger is Still Everywhere is out now. Click here to find out more!

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