Check out Rory Branagan (Detective), the first book in a brand new comedy-crime series by Andrew Clover and Ralph Lazar!

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Meet Rory Branagan! He eats bad guys for breakfast! Well, not ACTUALLY, but he is the best detective in town.

People always ask Rory, ‘How do you become a detective?’ and he says, ‘Ahhhh… you don’t just FIND YOURSELF suddenly sneaking up on baddies, or diving out of the way as they shoot, or hurtling from an open plane towards the ground! You have to want it.’

And what made Rory want it? Well, he needed to find out what happened to his dad…

This is the first boomtastic Rory Branagan book and in it you meet Rory and his accomplice Cassidy Callaghan as they investigate the mysterious poisoning of Rory’s neighbour, Guinea Pig Gilligan

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Together with Rory’s loyal sidekick, sausage dog Wilkins Welkin, can they solve the crime and save the day?

Rory’s adventures are perfect for fans of action and mystery, they’re packed with quirky drawings of Rory’s adventures so you can see everything he gets up to and they’re really, really funny too!

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Listen to episodes of Rory Branagan that you’ve heard on air!

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