Check out the brand new Guinness World Records book and get ready for Guinness World Records Day on 8th November 2018!


From planets and human marvels to video-gaming and Instagram, Guinness World Records 2019 is packed with thousands of new and updated records!

This edition celebrates the ‘Maker’ movement with a feature dedicated to those who design and build super-sized items, such as the Fastest jet-powered go-kart and the Largest rideable Hexapod!

Watch Matt Denton talk about this magnificent mechanical marvel here…

Plus, on 8th November 2018, its Guinness World Records Day!

So whether you’re trying to spend the most time hovering a table tennis ball over your mouth (6.35 seconds is the current record!) or spend the longest time holding your breath (22 minutes, held by Stig Severinsen!), Guinness World Records Day encourages you to stretch the ends of human endurance and creativity, and set that new world record!

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