Check out the magical new adventure, The Land of Roar!

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This brand new book is perfect for fans of How to Train Your Dragon and Nevermoor.

It’s called The Land of Roar and it’s out right now.

When twins Arthur and Rose were little, they were heroes in the Land of Roar, an imaginary world that they found by climbing through the folding bed in their grandad’s attic.

Roar was filled with the things they loved โ€“ dragons, mermaids, ninja wizards and moonlight stallions โ€“ as well as the things that scared them most…

Now the twins are eleven, Roar is just a memory. But when they help Grandad clean out the attic, Arthur is horrified as Grandad is pulled into the folding bed and vanishes.

Is he playing a joke? Or is Roar . . . real?

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