Check out the Theodore Boone book series for kids from John Grisham!

Top author John Grisham has written his first series just for kids!


If you love watching crime¬†programmes on the telly, you’ll love¬†Theodore Boone!

Theodore Boone is the crime series for kids by bestselling author John Grisham!

Theodore is a thirteen year old schoolboy from the small city of Strattenburg who wants to one day become a successful lawyer!

law_decorationHe dreams of a life in the courtroom but finds himself there sooner than expected when he is dragged into a bunch of high-profile trials!

With a nose for danger and an eye for detail, Theo seeks justice ‚Äď at any cost!

Whether he‚Äôs tracking down killers or kidnappers, clearing his own name or saving his town from destruction, Theodore Boone¬†is the teen everybody’s talking about!

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Theodore Boone: The Series

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