Check out the world’s strangest stuff with Lonely Planet Kid’s new World’s Strangest series!

Find out more about the books below!

Welcome to the wacky, weird and downright bizarre!

Packed with amazing photos, jaw-dropping facts and colourful maps to bring each marvel to life, every book in Lonely Planet Kid’s ‘World’s Strangest’ series brings some of the wackiest things on Earth to life!

From exploding ants and goblin sharks to trapdoor spiders and forgotten cities, you’ll get to explore Planet Earth’s most spectacular and mind-boggling stuff.

In World’s Strangest Places you’ll find out about the mysterious Area 51, an underwater Roman city, Poland’s crooked forest, and a special beach in the Bahamas.

The Strangeometer will even rate the places for you based on things like wow-factor and uniqueness!

You’ll get to explore close to the Earth and underground in World’s Strangest Creepy Crawlies and go deeper than that, to the seas in World’s Strangest Ocean Creatures.

Plus, if it’s danger you’re after, check out World’s Strangest Predators to explore animals like the ferocious Honey Badger!

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