Check out Tiger Days and the midnight foxes

Tiger is heading back to Willowgate House...

Untitled-1Tiger Days is 9 years old and she absolutely loves animals!

When she goes to stay with her grandmother there are always new friends to meet, animals to rescue and problems to solve. Tiger never knows what might happen!

In the latest book, Tiger Days and theย midnight foxes,ย Tiger returns to Willowgate House to discover that someone, or something, has been digging up plants, burying eggs and pinching socks from the washing line!

Not only that but a mysterious tunnel has appeared under the shed too…

It’s not long before Tiger and her pal Tom turn detective – determined to solve the mystery!

At Willowgate House, no day is ever dull for Tiger!

Tiger Days and the midnight foxes is out now, click here to get your copy!

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