Check out Truckers by Terry Pratchett!

It's the first book of the Nomes!

truckersIf you love reading really funny books, check out Terry Pratchett’s Truckers! We’ve been checking it out here at Fun Kids. Click here to find out more!

Imagine there are LOADS of tiny people living all around you, hidden from sight. The nomes are 4 inches tall, they’re really brave, pretty stubborn and super resourceful!

The nomes live under the floorboards of a big department store and they’ve never been outside. In fact, they don’t even believe the outside actually exists, or that there are any other nomes out there either!

But one day, new nomes arrive and bring news that the big department store is closing down and everything must go!

Truckers is the first in the funny fantastically funny books of the nomes by Sir Terry Pratchett!Β Click here to find out more!

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