Could you go six weeks without telling a lie? Check out The Stinky Truth, the latest book in the Lyttle Lies series by Joe Berger!

WARNING: Contains fibs, farts and zumba-dancing mums!

Have you ever told a big fat stinky lie? One that you know might get you in trouble if you’re caught?

That’s what keeps happening to Sam Lyttle, the small boy who tells big porkies…

It’s the summer holidays and Sam and his best friend can’t wait to see Cry Wolfe. It’s the first movie starring their favourite crime-fighting superhero – but will Sam ever get there?

Sam’s mum has set him a challenge. He can only go and see the movie if he can make it through the entire summer holidays without telling a single fib.

Can he really go six whole weeks telling nothing but the truth?!

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The Stinky Truth is the second book in the Lyttle Lies series by Joe Berger, a well-known cartoon illustrator.

Fans of Tom Gates, the Dork Diaries, and Captain Underpants will love the Lyttle Lies series, perfect for those ages 8 to 12!

Click here to get the book!

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