David Walliams’ new children’s picture book There’s a Snake in My School! is out now!

It’s a Sssensationally funny book!

60186 page026-027If you’re a massive fan of David Walliams’ stories, then you’re going to love his latest picture book!

It’s called There’s a Snake in My School! and… well… it’s about just that!

Miranda loves to be different and so on Bring-Your-Pet-To-School Day she introduces the class to her very different pet – Penelope the python!

At first, all the other kids are frightened by Miranda’s snake – after all, they’re used to more normal pets like goldfish, cats and tortoises!

But her classmates are won over when Penelope makes herself into a climbing frame, then a fireman’s pole for them to slide down!

60186 page026-027The only problem is that Miss Bloat the headmistress doesn’t like snakes.

In fact, she doesn’t like animals at all, or children, and is in for a shock when she sees Penelope…

There’s a Snake in My School! is sssssssuitable for children aged 3 and up – and it’s out now!

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David Walliams book are published by HarperCollins Children’s Books
Illustration (c) Tony Ross 2016
Lettering of author’s name © Quentin Blake 2010

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