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Frankie World CupFrankie’s Magic Football is a series of adventure books by the football legend Frank Lampard!

It’s all about Frankie, Louise, Charlie and Max who love playing football. But when they come across a magic football they end up on adventures and playing footy with some of the strangest opponents ever, including the Romans, Pirates and even Cowboys!

There’s currently six books for you to read, including the brand new book Frankie and the World Cup Carnival!

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Let’s find out more about one of Frankie’s friends and teammates… Charlie!

Charlie-HeadshotCharlie’s dream is to be the best goal-keeper in the world – which means never taking his gloves off! Charlie is the joker in the gang and when things get tough, he is ready with a smile and a way to make things work.

He’s a talented footballer but his enthusiasm for every situation is what makes him stand out.

Here’s what Frank Lampard says:

β€œCharlie reminds me of the many goal keepers I’ve worked with in my career as a professional footballer. They always seem to have a quirky imagination and be able to find fun in the silliest things.”

Check out Charlie’s stats…

TC Charlie

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