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Frankie World CupFrankie’s Magic Football is a series of adventure books by the football legend Frank Lampard!

It’s all about Frankie, Louise, Charlie and Max who love playing football. But when they come across a magic football they end up on adventures and playing footy with some of the strangest opponents ever, including the Romans, Pirates and even Cowboys!

There’s currently six books for you to read, including the brand new book Frankie and the World Cup Carnival!

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Let’s find out more about the captain of the team… Frankie!

Frankie-HeadshotFrankie is the leader of the gang. He’s adventurous, quick and very talented at football. The magic football belongs to him and he is always ready to step up and bring that something special to a game when the time is right.

Here’s what Frank Lampard has to say:

β€œFrankie is a bit like me when I was a kid, only braver”

Check out Frankie’s stats…


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