Fun Kids Summer Reading List: Check out How to Bee by Bren MacDibble!

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How will we survive in a future without bees?

Nine year-old Peony lives in a shack in the orchard and dreams of becoming the best ‘bee’ the farm has ever seen, scrambling through the fruit trees to pollinate by hand.

She’s light, she’s fast, and even though she’s a year too young, she’s going to be the best bee the farm has ever seen…

Except when you’re only 9, it’s hard to get everyone around you to go along with your plan!

How to Bee is Bren MacDibble’s first children’s novel to be published in the UK.

‘An extraordinary tale of friendship, courage and hope in a world blighted by pesticides. Much food for thought as well as a cracking story’ – Gill Lewis, author of Sky Hawk.

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