Fun Kids Summer Reading List: Check out McTavish Goes Wild by Meg Rosoff!

Find out more about the book below...

McTavish Goes Wild is the sequel to Good Dog McTavish! It’s all about the Peachey family who find themselves in crisis yet again.

Youngest child Betty Peachey is trying to persuade the family to go to the Faraway Campsite of Ma Peachey’s idyllic dreams. But most of the Peacheys are still resisting.

Pa Peachey is convinced that terrible dangers lurk in the wild.ย Ollie only cares about whether there’s a disco. And Ava has her nose deep in philosophy books…

But marvellous McTavish, always one step ahead of the Peacheys, quietly works out a way to get the family enjoying their holiday, together.

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