Fun Kids Winter Reading List: Check out ‘Tommy Twigtree and the Carrot Crunchers’ by Michael Firman.

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Who is Tommy Twigtree?

Well he’s the largest tree in the garden! And it’s his job to keep an eye on all his friends and to make sure that everyone in the garden is happy. But it isn’t always easy.

There’s more to the garden than vegetables alone; it’s also home to Ronnie Rabbit and his Bandits, who are always looking to help themselves to food, and to disrupt the garden’s peace and harmony.

These naughty rabbits decide to try and get into the vegetable patch so that they can dig up and eat the fresh carrots that Charlie has planted!

Tommy sees what is happening and calls upon Freddie the Fox, the local policeman, to help save the little carrots from being crunched.

Together, Freddie and Tommy must make these bad bunnies see the error of their ways and understand how being naughty or selfish can effect others living in the garden.

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