He’s ACTION DUDE. He’s coming. He’s here!

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First Name … ACTION. Second Name … DUDE.

When the robots in a new theme park go crazy, the city needs a hero … a hero called ACTION DUDE.

  • He lives for danger.
  • He lives for excitement.
  • He lives with his mum because he’s nine years old.

Lots of things go THWAMM! and POW! and KER-SPLANG!

Action Dude lives for danger and excitement. He’s always jumping out of helicopters, crashing ships, running along the tops of cranes and walking out of buildings just before they explode.

He’s nine years old and also the bravest action hero there ever was. Except that he’s terrified of spiders (but don’t tell everyone that).

He’s ACTION DUDE. He’s coming. He’s here!

Action Dude, written and drawn by Andy Riley, the bestselling creator of King Flashypants, is a laugh-out-loud graphic novel that’s full of explosions and friendship and fun and more explosions!

Aimed at readers 7+ and perfect for fans of Wimpy Kid and Dogman looking for a new adventure hero.

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