Jo Franklin’s hilarious new book, Help! I’m a Genius, is out now!

It's all about a boy who is mistaken for a brainbox!

There’s a brand new book in the Help! series by Jo Franklin.

All Daniels’ family are so clever. But Daniel Kendal is different…

He’s very tall and all his energy has gone into his body, rather than his brain!

Big sister Jessie acts as if she knows it all and Daniel’s best friend, Gordon, is a brainiac. Some people call Daniel a Peabrain.

When the chance comes along to represent the school in the National Brainiac Championships, it’s obvious who will NOT be chosen… Daniel!

But he is… What can he do to avoid making an idiot of himself – and can his friends help?

Get Help! I’m a Genius

Jo Franklin went to a boarding school where she had plenty of time for reading and making up stories in her head. Help! I’m a Genius is the hilarious new book in Jo Franklin’s Help! series. 

She’s also written Help! I’m an Alien!

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