Kick-off a brand new series with The Soccer Diaries!

Join Rocky Race on an awesome new adventure...

The Soccer Diaries is a brand new series starring teenage footballer Rocky Race as she jets off from the UK to the USA to follow her football – sorry, soccer! – dreams.

In the first book of the series, Rocky Takes L.A., Rocky gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a prestigious soccer camp in California, USA.

Ready to pursue her dreams, she takes the chance, and begins a life-changing summer with new friends and new challenges.

But far from home, Rocky Race suddenly finds herself out of her comfort zone.

Fake friends, her own anxieties and a brand new world with strange rules all threaten to derail her new life before it’s even started – does Rocky have what it takes to succeed?

From the team behind the incredible Roy of the Rovers book series, award-winning children’s book author Tom Palmer returns for this brand new series that celebrates women’s football, alongside friendship, tackling anxiety, and lots of “soccer” action!

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