Learn all about sharks with the brand new Shark Super Powers book!

Dive into the amazing world of sharks and their super powers with marine biologists Jillian Morris and Duncan Brake..

Did you know some sharks can glow? Did you know some sharks can leap out of the water or travel thousands of miles in a single year?

Learn these incredible facts and more as you explore these weird and wonderful animals.

Sharks have been around for over 400 million years and there are currently over 500 different species. Their adaptations to survive in different habitats and the depths of the ocean are remarkable and prove, there is a lot more to sharks than just their teeth.

Jillian Morris and Duncan Brake have traveled the world to study, dive with and film sharks. They are both marine biologists who are working to protect these amazing creatures.

Jillian is the founder and president of Sharks4Kids, working to teach students about sharks, shark science and shark conservation. Duncan works as an underwater videographer, filming sharks for BBC, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and more.

They were inspired to write this book because they want students to learn how remarkable and important sharks are for the oceans and for all of us.

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