LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™: The Book of Monstrox, the sequel to The Book of Monsters is here!

If you love LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ on Cartoon Network, you're going to love this...

The sequel to The Book of Monsters is here!

Monstrox is a wicked sorcerer who can take many evil forms. First he was a necromancer in human form, then he was trapped in The Book of Monsters and now he is a cloud.

Even in the form of a cloud, Monstrox is still very powerful. His lightning can turn good people evil and animate stone statues to obey his every twisted command.

He has given up on taking over Knighton, now he is out for full-on destruction, of course mixed with his usual humorous insults.

You think you have seen bad weather? Then check out this dark cloud!

Join Monstrox and find out about his awesome evil plan and what it takes to become an evil genius in The Book of Monstrox.

You can also continue the journey into the exciting land of the NEXO KNIGHTS heroes!

The book comes with an exclusive scannable shield to help you gain even more power in the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS app.

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