Max Einstein: Rebels with a Cause is out on September 19th!

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Max Einstein’s typical day is not your average 12-year-old’s.


  • TEACHES classes at a New York college
  • Dodges KIDNAPPING attempts with her best friends
  • Goes on SECRET MISSIONS for her billionaire boss
  • Has a MYSTERIOUS CONNECTION to Albert Einstein

Just a day in the life of the Change Makers Institute’s top agent!

What does an Irish town and a village in India have in common? A water crisis that only a group of kid geniuses can fix!

Max and her CMI friends attempt to use their smarts to find solutions, but it’s hard to save the world when you’re trying not to be kidnapped!

A greedy corporation with an eye on capturing Max seems to know their every move.

It’s almost like the bad guys have a spy inside the Change Makers…

Max Einstein: Rebels with a Cause is the second book in the Max Einstein series out on September 19th!

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