Meet Toto, the feline star of Dermot O’Leary and Nick East’s hilarious new book

Toto sleeps all day, fights crime at night, she’s a ninja cat!

After months of keeping London safe from notorious animal bad guys, Toto the Ninja Cat is going on a well-earned holiday to the world’s most famous music festival – Catstonbury!

But an evil villain has a dastardly plan to hypnotise the crowd!

They plan on turning them into evil minions the moment a world-famous band is on stage!

How can Toto possibly prevent the catastrophe when everyone thinks the band is the cat’s pyjamas?

It will take all Toto’s ninja skills – and some help from a friendly otter – to save the day…

Toto the Ninja Cat and the Superstar Catastrophe is the third book in the Toto series, written by Dermot O’Leary and illustrated by Nick East.

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