Radzi Chinyanganya and Sam Copeland talk Move Like a Lion and Uma and The Answer to Absolutely Everything

Radzi and Sam talk about their books and we get Bex's Book of The Month!

There’s a brand new episode of the Fun Kids Book Worms podcast out today!

In this episode, Bex chats to Sam Copeland, Author of Uma and the Answer to Absolutely Everything and Radzi Chinyanganya, author of Move Like a Lion.

She also gives us her Book of The Month.

In Uma and The Answer to Absolutely Everything, Uma Gnudersonn has a head full of questions but since her mum died, Uma’s life has been short on answers.

Then she finds a genius artificial intelligence called Athena who knows everything.

Suddenly Uma has the answer to any question she can imagine – from the capital of Mozambique to the colour of her headteacher’s underpants – and she’s going to use them to save her home and her father. 

Along the way, Uma will have to confront the sinister inventor who will stop at nothing to get Athena back – and face up to the fact that not all questions have answers…

Then Bex chats about Move Like a Lion. That’s from ex-Blue Peter presenter Radzi.

His book has simple exercises and shows you different activities you can easily do, any time and any place, with no extra equipment required!

Learn to walk like a crab, swing like a monkey, and slide like a penguin in this book from the Winter Olympics presenter that helps you have fun and get active, all the while learning about favourite animals.

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