The Day I Fell Into A Fairytale is out now!

Now available in paperback...

Enter a world of wonder with Ben Miller’s most magical adventure yet!

Lana loves stories. Especially the ones she and her brother, Harrison, share in their make-believe games. But when Harrison decides he’s too grown-up to play with Lana she finds herself feeling lonely. Until something magical happens…

Hidden in the strange new supermarket in town, Lana discovers a portal to a fairytale world! But these aren’t the happy-ever-after fairytales that Lana knows, they are darker and more dangerous, and the characters need Lana’s help to defeat an evil witch. But she can’t do it alone. Can she convince Harrison to believe in stories again and journey to the world with her… before it’s too late?

Perfect for the whole family, fall into this classic adventure about the power of stories, with beautiful illustrations throughout from Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini.

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